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How you can help? Please, tick all that applies:
I can do food and other essentials shopping for the elderly and the vulnerable in my communityI can provide company to a self-isolating elderly or vulnerable person in my community by speaking to them over the phone or emailI can knock doors to sign up elderly people (60+) in my community to the UK Community Network*I want to be my community's local area manager

*Please note: stay 2 metres away from the people you talk to in person. To avoid any issues, please do not come into physical contact with the self-isolating elderly under any circumstances. If necessary, wear FFP3 anti-viral face mask or/and gloves.

Sign up if you are a vulnerable resident (SIVR) in need of support:

Have you started self-isolating?
yesnowill be soon
What help do you need?
I need help with shopping for food and other essentials*I feel lonely and hope for some company over the phone or internet

*Please note our volunteers will need to be compensated for the money they spend on shopping they do on your behalf (purely the cost of goods, the delivery is free). Do not spend more than £20 per delivery.


This offer is open to the elderly (60+) and other vulnerable people with serious underlying health conditions who are or planning to be in self-isolation

Let’s help the most vulnerable in our community during the outbreak of coronavirus

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